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Can I order products that are branded at the time of manufacture?

Yes, that’s possible but there are usually minimum quantity requirements.  These are dependent on the product concerned and the manufacturer involved e.g. caps made with an incorporated brand might require a minimum order of 144 items.  Tell us what you’re considering and we'll be more specific.

What if nothing in the Brandmarque catalogue suits?

Give us a call, we’re discovering new products and ideas all the time so .  We can talk about your campaign or the reaction you’re seeking, your budget and how urgent your job is.  We're sure we can find something ideal.

Are all Brandmarque products imported?

Not at all, we proudly work with New Zealand manufacturers as well as quality overseas vendors.

How long does it take to get a quote?

Generally within 24-48 hours, depending on the complexity of the order.  If you need a quote more urgently, we’ll pull out all the stops.  No problem.

In what format does Brandmarque like to receive artwork?

We prefer to receive the artwork in EPS, PDF or JPG image formats but it depends on the type of branding application you’re after. 

  • Embroidery - JPG or PDF
  • Screen Printing - EPS or PDF
  • Pad Printing - EPS, PDF or JPG
  • Engraving - EPS, PDF or JPG
  • Resin Coating - EPS, PDF or JPG
  • Embossing/Debossing - PDF only

If your organisation has graphics people they'll understand the requirements.

How long will it take Brandmarque to produce my branded products?

That depends on the branding requirements but seven to ten days is a rough guide.