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BRANDMARQUE brands promotional products

BRANDMARQUE is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Director Ross Buxton:linked In Profile

In October 1998 we established the company  in Wellington, to realise our passion for branding promotional products. BRANDMARQUE grew quickly and today we help all sorts of customers, throughout New Zealand, present their brands and logos.

We work on some interesting projects as you can imagine

BRANDMARQUE provides branding applications to businesses and individuals within many industries. Our customers range from contractors, architects, educational and property consultancy firms, insurance, to hospitality, legal, agricultural and computer companies – along with individuals of course. We've worked with all kinds of people on some really memorable attention-grabbing ideas over the years.

People are often surprised by the range of products we work on

BRANDMARQUE sources merchandise from all over the world for branding purposes.  We source clothing of all sorts,  Swiss army knives, watches, umbrellas, magnets, bags, golf accessories... you name it. We get some interesting requests and enjoy going all out to satisfy them.

Customers regularly ask us for advice on promotional and branding campaigns and we're happy to help.  We look forward to working with you and your ideas.

Best regards

Ross Buxton